Arts & Crafts in Haslemere

A weekend celebrating the Arts & Crafts Movement in the Haslemere area

The Arts and Crafts movement was one of the most influential international artistic movements of modern times. Inspired by the work and writings of John Ruskin and William Morris it grew out of a concern for the effects of industrialisation on society and traditional skills in the late 1800s. The movement influenced many areas of the cultural
landscape including architecture, garden design, clothing and home furnishings.

In Haslemere a community of artists and craftspeople, first known as the Peasant Arts Society, flourished from 1894 until the early 1930s. Members of the movement, including
Godfrey Blount and Joseph King, collected folk art objects from all over Europe and used them to inspire local artisans. They produced many different types of crafts from hand woven linens to wooden furniture.

Between 1885 and 1908, Gerald Davies, a master at Charterhourse School in Godalming, was also collecting items of traditional craft from across Europe. Davies' collection was comprised of many examples of domestic objects made beautiful by exquisite carving, painting and decoration. It was eventually purchased by the Peasant Art Society and in combination they became the Peasant Handicraft Museum which opened in Haslemere in 1910. This unique collection later came into the possession of Haslemere Educational Museum in 1926 and examples are still on public display today.

‘For Love and not for Money’
Gerald Davies, 1910

Haslemere is delighted to be celebrating our rich history of the arts and crafts movement in and around Haslemere.

This weekend is organised by the Haslemere Educational Museum, and supported by Haslemere Events and Haslemere Visitor and Local Information Centre.

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For further information on the weekend, please contact Haslemere Events on 01428 645425 or email