Telephone: Dianne Bennett (01428) 642320


BLISS, the premature baby charity, aims to help more sick and prem babies survive and for each one to have the best possible quality of life. Haslemere branch raises funds, runs a knitting circle to make tiny clothes, and offers practical support to parents at Royal Surrey SCBU. If you've had a prem baby please get in touch.

The branch meets occassionally in members' homes. Autumn is our busiest time for fund raising and we welcome all offers of help, especially with the Charities Fair.

Now in its 21st year, the Charities Fair is organised by BLISS, but open to all charities, volunteer and community groups. The 2004 Fair is on Saturday 13th November, 9am to 1pm at The Haslemere Hall. Please ring or email to book a table.

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