Haslemere Design Statement
For Beacon Hill, Critchmere, Grayswood, Haslemere, Hindhead and Shottermill
In May 2010 Haslemere Town Council voted that a Haslemere Design Statement (HDS) should be drawn up for the
Haslemere area. This was adopted by Waverley Borough Council (WBC) in July 2012 and is now a 'material
consideration’ when planning applications are considered.

The overall aims of the Design Statement are to:

What does the Haslemere Design Statement do?

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Section 1 Introduction

Section 2 What makes Haslemere Special

Section 3 Geography of the area

Section 4 Landscape and Natural Environment

Section 5 Transport and Access

Section 6 Design and Architectural Guidance

Section 7 Introduction

    Section 7.1 Town Centre

     Section 7.2 South of Town Centre

     Section 7.3 North of Town Centre

     Section 7.4 Grayswood

     Section 7.5 Shottermill and Critchmere

     Section 7.6 Special Green Areas

     Section 7.7 Industrial Areas

     Section 7.8 Hindhead and Beacon Hill

Appendices 1 - 7

Appendix 8: Complete Set of Design Guidelines

Complete HDS document (NB this is a very large file  8MB)

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develop guidelines which have a positive influence on development throughout Haslemere and the surrounding area, and
ensure a sustainable and attractive environment for future generations.
Identifies the key design elements that should be taken forward to influence all new developments including affordable housing
Helps developers to achieve quality designs which are appropriate to the location in which they are proposed
Reflects the separate characters of the different neighbourhoods as they relate to design matters
Shows how this local character can be protected and enhanced in new developments
Creates partnerships between different groups in the community, acting as a catalyst for new initiatives and speeding up the development process
By being adopted by Waverley Borough Council (WBC) to supplement statutory planning policies, it is 'a material consideration' in future planning decisions.