Haslemere Rail Usersí Group (HRUG) is an independent group, recently established, membership of which is open to travellers from Haslemere principally, but also and not limited to, stations either side of Haslemere, and any other person who supports the aims of HRUG. HRUGís aims are to preserve and improve rail services to and from Haslemere, to ensure that adequate connecting services are provided to stations either side of Haslemere, and to progress the issue of car parking in and around Haslemere station. We aspire to represent the 10,000 people that we believe commute daily from Haslemere and the thousands more that travel from there on an occasional basis. Also the sales of first class tickets from Haslemere are reputed to be one of the highest in UK.

Committee members:
Eric Anstee Chairman
Martin Odell Secretary
Gareth David Railway Advisor
Gemma Sochovsky Membership Secretary

To join or support HRUG financially, contact the Secretary on HRUG@hotmail.com