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How Do I Obtain a Card?

Haslemere Rewards card costs £5, where sold, and is available at any of the participating outlets. The one-off fee entitles you to access each outlet’s individual promotional offer. These promotions and discounts are exclusive to Haslemere Rewards card holders.

How Does It Work?

The outlets will offer either points or a discount. Points can be redeemed at the participating outlets. Please refer to the list or look for the Haslemere Rewards logo on window stickers at participating outlets. Once you have made your purchase, the business uses a scanner to input your points onto your card.

Where Can I Redeem My Points?

Whilst you may earn points at any of the participating outlets, you can only redeem them at the outlet where they were accumulated. Points are not transferable to other outlets. Haslemere Rewards runs for an initial period of 15 months from November 2005 until January 2007. If you do not use your points prior to January 2007, they may cease to be valid after this time.

“Haslemere Rewards is a wonderful opportunity for local business and the community. Everybody benefits by supporting the local economy, whilst at the same time keeping Haslemere and its villages healthy and thriving.”
Councillor Celia Savage
Waverley Portfolio holder for Parishes,Partnerships & the Local Economy