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  • Why travel elsewhere when you can be rewarded for shopping locally?
  • Over twenty businesses on a single smart card
  • Exciting new reward scheme for shoppers in Haslemere and surrounding villages using innovative technology - a first for the South East
  • No need to carry several cards in your wallet, one card retains all the necessary information for all Haslemere Rewards outlets
  • Wide range of goods and services available under the scheme including pottery, fashions, wine, shoes, opticians, chiropractic treatments, computer consumables, books, gifts, flowers, photography, travel, jewellery, stationery, hotel and spa, beauty, tanning and hair care
  • Earn rewards for you and your family by supporting Haslemere Rewards shops and outlets
  • Access exclusive promotions and discounts
“Haslemere and its surrounding villages enjoy a wide range of attractive and independent businesses. The Haslemere Rewards scheme brings them together on a single card to thank you for supporting them.”
Melanie Odell
Chairman of The Haslemere Initiative

Supporting Local Businesses

Haslemere Rewards scheme is brought to you by The Haslemere Initiative in partnership with Haslemere & District Chamber of Trade and is supported by Waverley Borough Council, Haslemere Town Council, Savvy UK Ltd and participating outlets.

Haslemere Rewards is one of many innovative projects introduced by The Haslemere Initiative for the benefit of the local community. The Haslemere Initiative brings together the business community, local government and community organisations to enhance the vitality of the area. This latest project results from consultation with the Haslemere community and aims to benefit local shoppers using participating outlets whilst stimulating the local economy in and around Haslemere.

Haslemere Rewards in partnership with Savvy UK Ltd, uses cutting edge smart card technology. Using only one card, you can have access to a range of discounts and promotions from each outlet. The card holds details of all the points earned at every participating outlet. The scheme rewards you for shopping in Haslemere and its surrounding villages.

Supporting Local Schools

Camelsdale First School is delighted to team up with the innovative Haslemere Rewards Scheme, an exciting partnership between a localschool and local businesses aimed at encouraging people to shop locally and at the same time support their local school. This is as a direct result of its Business and Education In Partnership Committee's work.

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