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Terms and Conditions

1. The Haslemere Rewards card is not a credit, debit, or cheque guarantee card.
2. To participate in the Haslemere Rewards scheme you need to purchase a Rewards card for £5 (where sold).
3. The card has a redemption value of 0.0001p.
4. By use of the card you agree to all the conditions as supplied with the card or as amended and displayed on
5. Neither the Haslemere Initiative nor participating businesses shall be under any liability whatsoever for payment of any compensation for any lost or stolen cards or unredeemed accumulated points.
6. The Haslemere Initiative reserves the right to decline issue, withdraw the reward card scheme or alter the conditions (including the value of the points) at any time without notice.
7. If your card is stolen or lost, no refunds are payable and any points on your card will be lost and cannot be reallocated.
8. Participating Outlets will operate individual promotional schemes only available at their own shops or as described in promotional material.
9. Each Participating Outlet may allocate different values to the points on the card earned in their own business and may promote different offers.
10. To earn Reward points you must present your Rewards Card to the cashier of Participating Outlets at the time of making purchases and in accordance with the Participating Outlet’s terms as set out in promotional material.
11. Points can only be earned, held or exchanged as set out in the scheme conditions and cannot be used against purchases of gift vouchers.
12. Points cannot be redeemed until credited against an Haslemere Rewards card.
13. Points cannot be transferred to any other card and are not transferable between Participating Outlets. The points earnt in one outlet can only be redeemed in that outlet.
14. Redeemed points can only be used once. If a transaction on which points are issued or redeemed is cancelled, reversed or not completed, the associated points will be replaced as authorised by the relevant Participating Outlet.
15. Cards may be invalid if damaged, altered or defaced. Please note that exposure to heat, magnets, electricity and mobile phones may damage the silicon chip inside the card and data on the card may be lost. No refunds or compensation will be payable.
16. If insufficient points are available, or fraud or misconduct is suspected, the Haslemere Initiative and Participating Outlets reserve the right to refuse or cancel your card.
17. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

The Reward Scheme

Haslemere Rewards is brought to you by Haslemere Initiative in partnership with Haslemere Chamber of Trade and with the support of Savvy UK Limited, Haslemere Town Council and the participating outlets.

The Haslemere Initiative brings together local government, the business community and the voluntary sector to make Haslemere a better place to live in, work in, or to visit.

By promoting the Haslemere Rewards, neither the Haslemere Initiative, nor any of its partners are endorsing or warranting any particular company and product, or offering any assurances as to quality of goods and services.The Haslemere Rewards cards will initially be valid for the fifteen months duration of the pilot project from November 2005 until January 2007. If you do not use your points prior to January 2007 they may cease to be valid after this time.

Information About You

The Haslemere Initiative (we) may collect, with your express consent on the attached form, personal information so that we can give information about you to scheme promoters and participating outlets to enable us and them to judge the success of the Haslemere Rewards scheme and inform you of special offers or promotions. We may contact you by post, email or otherwise. If you do not wish to receive details of offers and promotions please tick the box on the attached form to confirm that you do not wish to receive them. Any data collected will be done so in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the principles of fair and lawful processing.

In the event that the Haslemere Rewards scheme is taken over by another body or organisation, your details may be disclosed to professional advisers or any new or prospective body or organisation.You have a right to access any personal information we hold about you.

You will need to request this in writing from:
The Haslemere Initiative, c/o CAB, Well Lane, Haslemere, GU27 2LB.
The Haslemere Initiative reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee before sending you the information.