Bohunt Nursery School

Longmoor Road
Hampshire GU30 7NY

Telephone 01428 727288

Bohunt Nursery School is situated in the campus of Bohunt Community School in the village of Liphook.

First opening its doors in 1979 the Bohunt Nursery as it was then known, occupied one small room in Bohunt Community School. In September 1994 the Nursery School moved into its own purpose designed building within the school grounds, which created a unique environment for children to learn and play, also having its own outside hard and grassed play areas. The Nursery building is surrounded by greenery and playing fields, which make ideal exploring areas during the different seasons.

Nobody will deny the importance of children getting a good start in life. There is a huge pressure within the pre-school environment to push young children towards early reading and writing. At Bohunt Nursery School we have a wealth of experience which tells us the best way for individual children to achieve their full potential. We also recognise that with all the pressure on young children to learn, it must also be remembered that young children have to be able to play in order to be able to develop.

It is now recognised that as the National Curriculum foundation for key stage one starts at Nursery School, we work very closely with the local Infant School and ensure that all assessments carried out during the child's stay at Nursery are passed on and used at Infant School.

We operate a keyworker system for working with children throughout the academic year, keyworkers work on a one to one basis with children for subjects such as Language & Literacy and Mathematics. We also actively pursue subjects such as Cooking, French, PE, Science, Art and Music & Movement. Children also have free play lessons where they can choose from a variety of activities including Playdough, sand and multi-sensual toys; we also have our own computer on which children learn computer literacy and basic skills.

Qualified staff monitor the progress of each individual child at all times. This information is shared with parents on a regular basis and during the Parent Consultation Evenings.

We run 2 half-day sessions a week catering for children between the ages of 2 years six months and 3 years. These are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:45 to 2:45 and have a staff ratio of one to five. For children over three years there are half-day sessions from Monday to Friday from 9:15 to 12:15, full day sessions are on a Monday and Wednesday from 9:15 to 3:15 and have a staff ratio of one to six. Full day children are required to bring a packed lunch, free milk is supplied by Nursery.

If you wish to see how the Nursery operates during a normal day please phone or call in to make an appointment for a visit, during which time staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.

The Nursery provides that special environment where children can learn and develop as individuals learning to communicate and relate to both peers and adults. Termly topics such as Growth and Change, Weather and the Environment cover the areas as defined by OFSTED as well as creating an interesting and enjoyable learning activity which can be expanded at home.

Annual activities such as sports day, teddy bears picnic, Christmas nativity and the summer outing all contribute to making Bohunt Nursery a special place where children enjoy taking part.

Bohunt Nursery School Curriculum

Personal and Social Development

To promote children's self-confidence. Children show appropriate self-respect and are able to establish effective relationships with other children and adults. Children work as part of a group and independently, they are able to concentrate and persevere in their learning and seek help when needed.
To promote the exploration of new learning, offer opportunities to solve simple practical problems. Children demonstrate independence in selecting activities and resources. Children are supported in their demonstration of independence in dressing and personal hygiene.
To promote the importance of sensitivity of the feelings of others, with sharing and taking turns. To show respect for all living things and an awareness of other cultures.

Language and Literacy

Children are given the opportunity to listen attentively and talk about their experiences in both small and large groups. To promote the extension of their vocabulary by sharing stories songs and nursery rhymes. Children learn the organisation of a book by exploring books and compiling their own. They learn that words and pictures carry meaning. The written word (in English) moves from left to right and from top to bottom. To promote role-play to encourage children to make up their own stories. Children are introduced to rhyming sounds. They can recognise their own name and practise writing it. The children use emergent writing to express the meaning of the illustrations in their topic books. Children explore the alphabet and learn to recognise it both by shape and phonetically.


Children are introduced to the language of Mathematics by exploring different shapes. They are introduced to varying concepts of position, size, quantity and space. They are given the opportunity to copy patterns, sequence, compare, sort, match and count using everyday objects. They join in games and singing rhymes using mathematical language and concepts. Children learn to recognise, understand the value of and count to the number 10. They are introduced to the concept of addition and subtraction.

Knowledge and understanding of the World.

Children are encouraged to talk about themselves, their environment and their families. They explore changes past and present. To promote the understanding of growth patterns. Children explore different materials and mediums both natural and manmade. They are introduced to the purposes of features within their environment. Children discuss, observe and record scientific exploration to gain information of how things happen and how things work. Children explore and select different materials to develop skills such as cutting, folding, joining and building. Children use IT to support their learning.

Physical Development

Children learn to move confidently and imaginatively, developing control and co-ordination. They are introduced to the concept of space with an awareness of others. Children use a range of small and large equipment to develop such skills as balance, catching, throwing, jumping, hopping and skipping. They handle the appropriate equipment with increasing skill and control. Children are encouraged to extend their imagination through a range of dance and free-expression sessions.

Creative Development

To promote the children's exploration of sound and colour, texture, shape, form and space in both two and three dimensions. They are encouraged to respond and record their feelings by experiencing different elements of sound, smell, taste and touch. Children use art, music, dance stories and imaginative play to extend and develop their creative abilities. They develop listening and observing skills and learn to interpret these with increasing imagination. Children are introduced to and use a widening range of materials, mediums and resources to express their ideas.

Main Findings of The Inspection (OFSTED)

The strengths and weaknesses of the educational provision provided.

The Nursery offers a stimulating environment, with many well planned and interesting activities. The children behave well and have respect for adults and for each other. There is good coverage of all areas of learning, and children are likely to achieve appropriately by the time that they enter school. The staff have made good progress in addressing several aspects of the action plan written after the previous inspection.

The Desirable Learning Outcomes for personal and social development are promoted in this programme. The children's behaviour is very good: they have respect for each other and for the staff, they are able to discuss behaviour issues openly and follow an agreed code, and they demonstrate a mature and sensitive approach.

Learning Outcomes are promoted in language and literacy, and there are no significant weaknesses. The children demonstrate a good knowledge of letter sounds, they use books well, and listen with attention.

Mathematics is used in a variety of situations, and the Learning Outcomes are promoted. Children explore ideas and they are able to record their work in practical situations.

Knowledge and understanding of the world is a strength of the Nursery, with no weaknesses noted. Children are involved in observations of their environment, and activities are drawn from topics which reflect current interests and seasonal changes. Children are able to record their ideas and to discuss their findings.

The physical development programme is well planned. Staff have clear expectations of children's work and they provide support and encouragement, while valuing independence and initiative.

The programme for creative development has no weaknesses. Staff value children's creative work. It is well displayed and used as a discussion point by the children. Children have many opportunities to express their ideas and to engage in the exploration of music, role play and the creative arts.

Staff have arranged resources so that they are easy to use, and children are encouraged to select them and express their ideas freely. Staff make effective use of the physical resources available to them. Plans cover all aspects of children's learning. Staff discuss and agree topics to engage children's interests, and they use their considerable experience to make learning a pleasurable and exciting experience for the children.

Children enjoy a well planned programme which addresses each of the areas of learning through a sound balance of teacher-led activities and thoughtfully planned experiences in which children can extend their own learning. Staff plan regularly as a team, and they use an effective blend of written and verbal plans to ensure that all areas of learning and the children's Learning Outcomes are kept clearly in view. Staff are interested in new developments within the Early Years field, they attend conferences, and are willing to update their training.

The staff ensure that the programme is equally accessible to both girls and boys, and there are helpful guidelines on supporting pupils with special educational needs and those for whom English is an additional language. Staff are committed to equality of opportunity and are aware of the importance of selecting books and resources to reflect positive images from a range of cultures.

Parents receive regular information about the programme and are increasingly encouraged to take part in their children's learning through activities completed at home. Staff are welcoming and accessible, the keyworker system helps staff to know a few families well, and there are many opportunities for the parents and carers to take part in Nursery visits and activities.

Hampshire County Council Day Care Officer's Report

"Bohunt Pre-School offers extended care for 24 children, 2 years 9 months to 5 years (3 years for extended care). The group own their own premises which are sited on the Bohunt School Centre in Liphook. The Pre-School is very well equipped and offers the children a wide variety of play and equipment, outdoor play is a feature twice each day. Equipment and resources avaliable today include; cooking, cutting and glueing puzzles, outdoor play. The children had made vegetable soup which they were going to take home for their parents to taste.

They also offer French, Computer, PE and music and movement.

During the visit all the children were well catered for, staff were helpful and friendly making sure each childs needs were being met, the children were all very well employed in their activities".

Our best testimonial is the praise we recieve from the Head Teacher of our local Infant School. On a recent class visit to the premier of Year 1's Christmas Nativity, Mrs Lewis patted us on the back and said "I can see why the children you 'feed' to us adapt so well to Infant School". Our children had behaved admirably, and enjoyed and appreciated the show performed for us. We were very proud.

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