Hollycombe Primary School

Wardley Green,
Milland, Liphook,
Hampshire GU30 7LY
Tel: 01428 741332

Headteacher: Mrs. Stephanie Fiske.

Chairman of Governors: Mr. Martin Beale.

Welcome from the Headteacher.

Dear Parents,

On behalf of all the staff I should like to welcome you to Hollycombe Primary School. The School is well known for its warm and friendly atmosphere and its wonderful setting. We feel this combination makes our school a very special place, where children can work in a relaxed atmosphere, making the most of their surroundings.

We treat all children as individuals and are anxious that they should reach their full potential, with their particular needs recognised and catered for.

Our aim is for each child to be self-disciplined, thoughtful of others and independently motivated for learning. We hope that, through praise and encouragement, each child will be able to succeed in the years they are with us and be prepared for whatever lies in the future.

I hope this web site will give an overview of what happens at Hollycombe, but I do recommend you come and visit the school and see our children at work.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to the school.

Yours sincerely,

Stephanie Fiske

"Where much is expected from an individual, he may rise to the level of events and make the dream come true."

Elbert Hubbard (The Note Book, 1927)

Letter from the Chairman of Governors

Dear Parents,

Hollycombe Primary School is at Wardley Green outside Milland surrounded by fields and woodland; an idyllic setting for a primary school.

The Headteacher and the three class teachers bring tremendous enthusiasm to their teaching. The school facilities have been greatly improved over the last few years and the happy atmosphere of the school shows clearly that the pupils are enjoying their first years of education.

I hope that this prospectus gives you all the information you need to decide whether to seek a place for your child at Hollycombe.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Beale
Chairman of the Governors.

The Governors

t Hollycombe there are currently eleven Governors, including the Head, who meet once or twice a term. At these meetings they discuss and make decisions on all aspects of school life, following reports from the Headteacher and various committees.

Mr. Martin Beale is a LEA Representative Governor. Martin is also the Chairman. A frequent visitor to the school, Martin has a close working relationship with the Headteacher. Martin's appointment ends 31 08 2006.

Mrs Pauline Baldock is also nominated by the LEA. Her appointment ends 31 08 2004.

Mr. Robin Smith, Mrs. Tania Hartley and Mr. Robin Clue are parent Governors.
Their appointments end on 31 08 2006 at which time new elections will take place.

Mr. Steve Corkerton and Mrs. Sue Delany are co-opted by the members of the Governing Body. Steve’s appointment ends 17 10 2004 and Sue's ends 25 06 2006.

Mrs. Stephanie Fiske has opted to be a Governor and attends all the meetings of the Governing Body, including committee meetings and working party meetings.

Mrs. Sally Dreckmann is the teachers' representative at meetings of the Governing Body. Her appointment ends 9 6 2006.

Mrs. Kirsteen Atkinson is the Clerk to the Governing Body.

Mrs. Carol Vigor represents West Sussex County Council, Local Education Authority, as an observer.

Individual Interests:

David Alderman Personal, Social and Health Education/Literacy and CitizenshipClass 2 (Year 2) Governor
Pauline Baldock RE/Assemblies/Collective Worship/Link Governor
Martin Beale Finance/Staff salaries/Art
Sally Dreckmann Children's' Work for Annual Report/Developments within the Curriculum
Sue Delany SEN inc Able Children / Target SettingClass 3 (Y5) Governor
Steve Corkerton Health and SafetyClass 1 (Y1) Governor
Tania Hartley Numeracy/Behaviour/Literacy/PSHCEClass 1 (YR) Governor
Robin Clue PremisesClass 2 (Y2)
Robin Smith ICT Class 2 (Y3) Governor

David Alderman Personal, Social and Health Education/Literacy and Citizenship
Class 2 (Year 2) Governor
Pauline Baldock RE/Assemblies/Collective Worship/Link Governor
Martin Beale Finance/Staff salaries/Art
Sally Dreckmann Children's' Work for Annual Report/Developments within the Curriculum
Sue Delany SEN inc Able Children / Target Setting
Class 3 (Y5) Governor
Steve Corkerton Health and Safety
Class 1 (Y1) Governor
Tania Hartley Numeracy/Behaviour/Literacy/PSHCE
Class 1 (YR) Governor
Sally Hughes Science and Early Years
Class 3 (Y4)
Robin Clue Premises
Class 2 (Y2)
Robin Smith ICT
Class 2 (Y3) Governor

Hollycombe School Staff

Teaching Staff:
Mrs. Stephanie Fiske - Headteacher
Mrs. Sally Dreckmann - Class 3
Miss. Alice Quill - Class 2
Miss. Carly Wimbleton - Class 1

Non-Teaching Staff:
Mrs. Fiona Parkinson - Bursar
Mrs. Kirsteen Atkinson - Secretary/Administrative support/Clerk to the Governors
Mrs. Denise Holmes - Classroom Support Assistant/ Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Catherine Harper - Classroom Support Assistant
Mrs. Sue Slade - Classroom Support Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. Glenda Grayson - Classroom Support Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr. Allan Jones - Caretaker/Cleaner

"The only real object of education is to leave a man in the condition of continually asking questions." Bishop Creighton (1843 - 1901)

School Aims

To create a learning culture within a happy, secure, thoughtful and stimulating environment.
To promote an environment which raises self-esteem and ensures everyone feels valued.
To nurture enquiring minds.
To encourage children to become independent learners.
To provide a broad, balanced curriculum that supports the needs of all children.
To give our children the skills to enable them to become reflective, and life long learners.
To foster respect and tolerance of others and the environment.
To foster close relationships between children, parents, staff and the wider community.
To encourage respect for religious and moral values.


The school caters for children aged between 4 and 10 years. The children are grouped into three classes:

Class 1 YR (children aged 4 - 5 years)
Y1 (children aged 5 - 6 years)
Class 2 Y2 (children aged 6 - 7 years)
Y3 (children aged 7 - 8 years)

Class 3 Y4 (children aged 8 - 9 years)
Y5 (children aged 9 - 10 years)

There are currently 64 children on roll.

River Song

Gushing down the moutainside
Water as clear as crystal.
Golden fish swimming, splashing
Eating up the water weed.

Herons, black, white and brown,
Water boatmen zipping up and down the water.
Frogs croaking like an orchestra
Hopping on the greenest lilypads.

Fishermen with their lines
Pulling up the fishes.
Current getting stronger swish, swosh, swish
That is the song of the river.

Sam - Year 3.


The staff have given a lot of time and thought to the development of a Learning and Teaching Policy for the school. The principles supporting the Policy are:

Children learn best when:

They are happy, confident, secure and healthy
Work is well planned
There is a match between task and ability
They understand
A range of teaching techniques and strategies are used appropriately
They are encouraged to become independent learners
The learning environment is appropriate
Links with home and the community are positive
The professional development of staff is continued
They are able to positively interact with others

In order to achieve this we have a full range of subject policies and guidance.

We recognise that a full curriculum involves well thought out policies throughout the full range of activities - social, spiritual and academic. We also recognise that parental involvement in the education of children has a marked effect and should be encouraged.

Extra Curricular Activities

A variety of activities for out of class time is encouraged.


A shared reading system encourages the children to read to their parents, using the 'Home School Link' system. The school has a good library with a wide variety of fiction books for the children to borrow, as well as the structured reading books which are used to monitor progress.

The school has a homework policy that all parents have been consulted about.


The junior children are invited to join after school clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The activities the school offers may alter, but this year they include Sports, Dance and Recorders. If you would like to offer any other activity please let us know.

Parental Involvement

Hollycombe Home and School Association

The school has an active and supportive parents' association called the Hollycombe Home and School Association (HHSA). In addition to raising funds for the school, the HHSA organises many events of a social nature - including regular coffee mornings to which new parents are very warmly invited.

The School Day

8.45 am Class
10.10 am Break
10.25 am Class
11.30 am Assembly
11.50 am Lunch
12.50 pm Class
14.20 pm - 14.30 pm Optional Break for Class 1
15.10 pm School Ends

Some of the Children's comments on our school.

Our School is:

"small, so that you know everyone and you make new friends quickly " Toby

"quiet and homely"

"no bullies" Megan

"an old building - it has an atmosphere of the past"

"strict in a way but it doesn't have to be, because normally it is not necessary"

"friendlier than my old school and I like the atmosphere" Sam

"a nice area to play in"

"fun. I like the jokes that go round the school!"

From Luke, Pierre, Hannah, Fiona, Robert H and others come the following observations!

"kind teachers - friendly - like the way they talk to us. Nice environment - fields, space to play"

"it's quiet - activities for wet play - there is a garden"

"teachers make lessons fun. They make an effort for our education"

"new computers - great equipment and resources"

"the after school clubs are good"

"there's a stained glass window - it looks good on the road"

"there are fun things to do - good school trips linked to work"

"we have a Christmas party and disco"

Internet "good information - interactive"

"we use it for checking up on our favourite TV programmes - we talk to other people by E-mail"

"we play good games"

"we listen to bands, look at web sites and use the pen pal club"


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