Woolmer Hill Men's Keep Fit Club

The club was originally run for approximately 20 years by Surrey County Council as an evening class. When Surrey decided that they would no longer fund us, it was taken over by its members.

We meet at Woolmer Hill School Gym between 7.30pm and 9.00pm each Thursday during normal school term time.

The club is suitable for ex-sportsmen who wish to regain some of their former fitness. A typical evening will consist of a warm-up leading into either static or racing circuits, utilising the facilities of the Gym. We then finish up with games of either football, touch rugby or basketball.

The evening is strenuous, highly competitive and great fun enabling you to go at your own pace or put in extra effort if you feel you are up to it.

In the summer, we go outside, where we participate in some running, exercises and usually football.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Trevor Burton on 01428 651816

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